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October State Deputy Message

Brother Knights,
As I was preparing this and my Knights Call articles, I came across a verse from a hymn...Read More »

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Bishop Michael Sheridan will preside at the Diocese of Colorado Springs Rosary Rally
* October 15, 2017 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.
* Holy Apostles Church, 4925 Carefree Circle North, Colorado Springs, CO 80917
* There will be a Reception following the Rosary Rally in Mary's House at Holy Apostles.

The Rosary Rally will consist of:
* A Living Rosary with children from our Catholic Schools
* A Consecration of the Diocese to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
* A Plenary Indulgence that can be gained, under the usual conditions, by those who pray the Rosary before the image of the Lady of Fatima at the Rosary Rally

There is no cost to this event, no tickets required, and no RSVP necessary.

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Consecration of the Archdiocese to Our Lady is this Friday! Archbishop Aquila explains why he wanted to hold the consecration and how you can prepare this week.

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Please take the time to read this letter from a hero.

The Servant Warriors
Whenever I say, or even think the phrase, “Knights of Columbus,” two images come to mind. One image is a group of Knights dressed in dapper feather hats, different colored capes, and swords to boot; the other is that of a man behind the kitchen counter wearing a blue polo shirt asking if you’d like baked or fried fish. Ridiculous, right?
But don’t let the feathers and the fishy smell fool you. This group has formed a long time ago with one goal in mind: to serve. The men in this ministry, who focus on community, fraternity, prayer, and patriotism, do much more than just what the average parishioner sees. If you don’t believe me, I would first recommend talking to a Knight and hearing their perspective, and if by then you’re still not satisfied, talk to Nancy Mauro with the Building Homes for Heroes project.
Cue USMC Sergeant Kirstie Ennis and USAF Captain Robert Brevick; two veterans who couldn’t have expected the taxes that occurred while valiantly serving their country would put on their bodies. The former is an above-the-knee amputee, and the latter suffers from a laundry list of physical debilitations including lower back pains, tinnitus, asthma, major depressive disorder, and chronic migraines. In recognition of each person’s sacrifices, the Building Homes for Heroes Project took them in- but how would they be funded? Look no further than Knights of Columbus Council 9349 at St. Frances Cabrini in Littleton, CO.
With their assistance as generous servants of God (many of them US veterans themselves), the council at St. Frances raised enough money for both of these warriors to have their homes built right here in Colorado. When I talked to Nancy myself, she emphasized how powerful the support from the Knights of Columbus had been: “It has been a remarkable experience to work with the Knights of Columbus in our combined efforts to support two US veterans with mortgage-free homes. They raised a substantial amount of money and have given us the ability to work harder and faster to provide these homes in Colorado to Sgt. Ennis and Air Force Captain Brevick. We are very grateful for their support.”
While the homes are still in progress, Nancy assured me that both veterans will be in their homes before the end of the 2017 summer. However, neither Sergeant Ennis nor Captain Brevick would have this wonderful gift had they not been helped by the Knights of Columbus. True patriots with hearts of gold, they did it gladly to repay the people who served them. The fact that the council hasn’t said a word about this to anybody else only portrays how they live their lives by observing Matthew 6:3: “But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.”
So the next time you go to a parish breakfast at St. Frances Cabrini, take notice of the servers and cooks wearing blue polos with estranged crests on their chests. They welcome you to the community, prepare your meal for you, and clean up the messes afterward, all while expecting nothing in return. The truth behind this group of brothers in Christ, is that they contribute so much more than people realize; they are passionate about their faith, the ones they love, and the ones they serve. Who are they? They are the Knights of Columbus- Council 9349.

Thank you Sir Knights Bill Poska (L) of St Joan of Arc, Council #12392 and Harold L Stansell Assembly, #2409 guarding a relic of Fr. Rother with SK Joe Kallina (R) of Blessed Andrew Phu Yen, Council 16349 and Mother Teresa Assembly, #2551 for traveling to Oklahoma City for the beatification of Fr. Stanley Rother (the first US-born martyr)
What a great job representing the Colorado State Knights of Columbus!!!

Charity is our first principle. Even when we gather as councils, we include Charity.