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The Colorado Knights of Columbus Charities Fund’s fundamental purpose is to unite members in the Colorado Knights of Columbus in a closer bond of fraternity and fellowship while promoting, protecting and improving vital causes, parishes and the communities around us.

The Colorado Knights of Columbus State Charities contains a number of funds that are designated specifically for enumerated programs. You have two options for your generous gift: 1) If you do not choose to allocate the funds to any specific line item, the Charities Corporation will use your gift where it is needed or 2) You can choose to allocate your gift towards a specific cause.

The potential areas you can choose to allocate your donation, if you so choose, are below:

  • Deacon Support Program - Supporting the Formation and continuing education of those who are Deacons or becoming a Deacon.  For those in formation and discerning formation, there are costs for books, continuing education expenses, etc…
  • Father McGivney Fund - The Father McGivney Fund was formed to aid and support the growth of vocations in Colorado by providing emergency financial support to clergy, religious, seminarians and novices
  • Human Trafficking - Protecting those that are the most vulnerable and abused by aiding the victims, places that house them, businesses that help them and professionals that work to heal them
  • Parish Restoration Fund - Funds are collected and distributed by Colorado Diocese and go to fixing/updating/improving parishes that request the funds after we receive the request that includes the bishop’s approval.
  • People with Intellectual Disabilities - Supporting people and businesses that are working to better the lives of people with intellectual disabilities.
  • Relief Fund - Funds collected for the times that our state experiences natural disasters (i.e. fires, floods, tornados, etc...), or those experienced by other State Council jurisdictions, or that of a request by the Supreme Council for disaster relief to other identified areas of the world.
  • Ultrasound Initiative - The KofC purchase ultrasound machines and place them in pregnancy alternative centers

If you would like to donate to the Colorado Knights of Columbus Charities Fund, Inc.with a check instead, please mail it to the below:

Colorado Knights of Columbus Charities Fund, Inc
Charities Secretary Jay Doherty
2560 Lumberjack Drive
Colorado Springs, CO